History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


1981: At a special meeting in November of 1981, a resolution was made by Bob Lewis to enlarge the parish hall due to the crowded conditions for the church school. The enrolment at the time was 34. It was also too cold for the very young children. The possibility was to be investigated and a report brought to the vestry meeting in January. The diocesan architect made an inspection and suggested removing the hall, putting in a basement and then a hall on top with various rooms. The building committee appointed by the vestry were Gordon Leek, the wardens, Charles Gray and the rector. In May of 1982 it was decided to go ahead with the committee’s recommendations and a fund-raising appeal for $10,000 was launched within the parish and the community at large spearheaded by Charles Gray. Tony Wood tore down the old hall. As the first church in Orono it had historic significance but dry rot was found in some of the ceiling beams. Some relics of it are now in Clarke Museum. Grants were received from the Diocesan Church Development Committee totalling $7,000. St. George’s, Newcastle made an interest-free loan. Under contractor Horst Hoensch, with John Breen inspecting daily and men working at night, the new hall was ready in the fall for the Sunday School to return. The dedication of the new hall took place the following May and all debts were paid before the end of 1983. Sunday School enrolment by this time had reached 52.

General Synod and Toronto Diocesan Synod introduced the Anglicans in Mission (A.I.M.) program in 1982 also. Judy Leek was entrusted with the education part of it while Michael Collyer took on the financial campaign. It was reported in January of 1984 that $8,100 was received in pledges, all volunteer commitments.

Early in 1982, Gordon Leek was installed as a layreader for St. Saviour’s.

Mrs. Murray found some of the original W.A. minute books and suggested they be used to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the W.A.-A.C.W. at St. Saviour’s. On February 13, 1982 this was done. Women took the service that day and a synopsis of the group’s history was given instead of the sermon. Past presidents were honoured at the coffee hour following the service.

The Altar Guild was revived under the leadership of Judy Leek in 1983. Mike and Sandi Collyer started a youth group that fall and they had several outings before the Collyers moved to Prince George, B.C.
The volunteer teams who had cleaned the church for twelve years found that with the new hall, too much was expected of them. In 1984 it was decided to hire someone for cleaning three hours a week.
By 1983 the window overlays made by John Breen had shrunk due to weather conditions and were falling apart. All of the windows were replaced by plain amber- coloured glass.

The next big project to be tackled is the front of the church. It is hoped to put in new front steps and a porch.

Some families have been supporters of St. Saviour’s from its very beginning; some families have contributed a great deal in a short time before they moved on. Some people may not find their names in this book, but have also helped to make St. Saviour’s, Orono, the warm friendly, enterprising church that it is today.

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