History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


In 1975 the men built a washroom in the parish hall and renovated the kitchen. At the Christmas pot luck supper held in the I.O.O.F. Hall in December of that year, a group put on a mock wedding for entertainment. It was repeated later for the Orono Horticultural Society. That was reported in the newspaper as “talented lunacy”. In the cast were R. Hugh Anderson; Doreen and Ray Swan; Marion and Harold McKnight; Betty, Donald and Michael Tansley; Peter and Bev. Chrisomalis; Charles and Gloria Gray. The next year four of these couples plus others presented the story of the nativity in four scenes in the church, with lunch served afterwards in the parish hall. This same nucleus and others produced another nonsense programme in 1977 and a nativity play in 1978.

In 1975 it was reported that vandalism was costing the church $10 to $14 a month for broken windows. That same year the A.C.W. catered to a small dinner party for the Past Noble Grands of the Rebekah Lodge. A coffee hour each month was also started about this time. Both these activities continued for the A.C.W. In 1975 Peter Chrisomalis received his layreader’s license from Bishop Garnsworthy. The following year Donald Tansley also became a licensed layreader.

The project for 1977 was aluminum siding for the Sunday School room and people were well pleased with the result. By the end of the seventies, an overpayment of Outreach was reported at vestry meetings. The surplus was sent to the Bishop’s Action Appeal. The wooden cross on the wall behind the altar was made by Don Tansley and put into place in 1978.

In the summer of 1979, St. Saviour’s received a shock. Ray and Doreen Swan moved to Ajax; Peter and Bev. Chrisomalis and their two boys moved to Cobourg; and Don and Betty Tansley and their family moved to Lindsay. In one summer St. Saviour’s had lost a warden, two layreaders, the lay member of Synod, the head server, the adult staff of the Sunday School and the A.C.W. President. But the congregation rallied around and people were found to fill most of the positions. Charles Gray took on the warden’s job. Mothers of Sunday School children were asked to teach a class for a month at a time. That season there were fourteen teachers with Betty Ann Wood acting as coordinator. Roger Proctor stepped up to be head server. Gloria Gray became president of the A.C.W. and also started a junior choir that fall. Peggy Sawyer was elected lay member of Synod at the next vestry meeting.

In 1978 the Sunday School attendance was 23; the average Sunday attendance at services was 28. By 1980 the average church attendance was 35. The financial statements for the vestry meeting of 1981 were prepared by the treasurer Sandra Anderson. Before this time the wardens had done it.

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