History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


By 1972 the Sunday School had grown to 14 children with Betty Tansley in charge. Mrs. Spry was outreach coordinator and the project chosen was a Cree priest in the Diocese of Moosonee. People had taken part in Outreach Walkathons in Toronto and Peterborough but in 1975, a local one was undertaken. The route was from Bowmanville to St. Saviour’s where lunch was served. The rector suggested in 1972 that St. Saviour’s share of the apportionment be increased by 20% over a five-year period.

An organ fund was opened in 1972. After the 1974 vestry meeting, Heintzman’s was contacted and an organ brought to St. Saviour’s on a trial basis. It was a unanimous decision that the organ be purchased at $1,500. The old organ was sold for $200 to Stewart Buchanan of Port Perry. In the spring an organ recital was given by Terry Dawson. Gladys Brown also took part and Margaret Martin was soloist. This raised $84 for the organ fund.

In the Fall of 1973 a survey was made of the people living in Orono area to determine their church affiliation. Christmas letters were sent from St. Saviour’s to all those who did not attend other churches. A follow-up took place in February of 1974.

In 1974 a roster system was set up for caretaking at the church. It involved each family for two Sundays at a time. In the thirties and forties, Mrs. Clara Harrison had been custodian of St. Saviour’s. She is also remembered for cutting home-made bread into precise squares for Communion. The Mitchells had been caretakers for a number of years, then Mr. and Mrs. George Morton had taken on the task.
Ray Swan made a new sign for the front of St. Saviour’s in 1974. That same year the kneelers were painted and covered with vinyl.

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