History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


In 1970 Vi Morton started an Altar Guild. Duties were to be done by members on a monthly basis. Mrs. Morton cleaned the silver and crystal for the altar while Mrs. Murray looked after the flowers. New hangings were made in the four liturgical colours by Mrs. Murray and presented to St. Saviour’s. Mrs. Morton resigned in 1975 and the A.C.W. members were shown how to set up for Communion services.
In April of 1971, the day after her 90th birthday, Mrs. Gamey showed pictures to the A.C.W. and told of her nursing career, the places she had been and the people she had nursed. She had worked with Miss Edith Cavell in World War 1. There was birthday cake and tea.

At a special vestry meeting in 1971, Ray Swan proposed a plan for the redecoration of the church. It was accepted. At Mrs. Murray’s suggestion though, the floor was stripped of paint, sanded and varnished instead of being re-painted. The walls and woodwork were painted. This was volunteer work, the men working Wednesdays and Thursdays. The A.C.W. was responsible for the new drapes, gold at the sides and red behind the altar. The two balsam trees were removed from the front of the church and fence posts put in, marking the church property. John Breen installed a coloured window overlay he had made at a cost of $25 and suggested some of the congregation might like to purchase one. He was prepared to do the work. Eight windows were done in all, most of them depicting Biblical scenes. It was reported in 1973 that the renovations- carpet, drapes, paint, survey etc. - had cost $1,711.47.

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