History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


In the late 50’s the average attendance fell below 20. In fact, in 1963 it was reported as only 10, but at the Vestry meeting in 1964, it was decided to carry on for the time being. However, in 1965 the decision was made that the services be held on the first of each month. If the first Sunday of the month fell on a holiday, then the monthly service was transferred to the second Sunday of the month. In 1963 there was only one W.A. meeting recorded with four members present: Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Murray and the President Mrs. Grant. There was discussion here, too, about closing down the as the membership was so small, but they carried on and six meetings were recorded in 1964. This state of affairs held true until 1967.

At the vestry meeting of 1965 the Ref. D. Dewdney spoke about the rector’s stipend and car allowance. It should be paid by one treasurer, the one at St. George’s, Newcastle. The minimum stipend at the time was $3,300. He was receiving $1,500 less than that minimum. This would have to be raised or the parish would become a mission. In 1967 it was announced that the new minimum stipend for the parish was now $4,400, plus travelling allowance of $40 a month. The Rev. D. Dewdney retired in that year to Port Hope where he died in 1976.

In 1967 Mrs. Bruce Mercer brought foam padding and volunteered to make kneeling pads for the altar rail. With Mrs. John Caldwell’s help these were completed by the end of the year. It was in this year that the W.A. became A.C.W. (Anglican Church Women) which signified a union of all women’s groups and individual women in the church. The transition was not too difficult for the women of St. Saviour’s. They carried on as usual.

In 1967 and 1968 it was recorded in both Vestry minutes and the W.A. minutes that it was very cold and the church hall was hard to heat, so the meetings were transferred to the comfort of Mrs. George Morton’s home across the street.

At the vestry meeting in 1968 it was reported that attendance had doubled during the fall services to an average of 20. That year the rector, wardens, Mrs. Murray and Mr. R. Morton were empowered to look into costs and suitability of electric or oil heating for St. Saviour’s. That fall A.C.W. gave the wardens $300 towards a new furnace. There was still not enough money to cover the cost. The wardens at that time were Bill Tomlinson and John Caldwell. They had both had enough of stoking the wood-burning furnace installed in the thirties. The present oil furnace was purchased- and paid for before the year was out.

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