History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


1957: An attempt was made to revive the Sunday school in August of 1957 by Mrs. Grant, the W.A. President. During the meeting of the mothers, the children went out on the lawn under the supervision of Carol Grant and Lynn Prust. However by 1959 all attempts had failed, no Sunday school had been started and their funds went into the general account.

In 1958 the W.A. secretary Irene Murray put a note in the minute book for the October meeting “first meeting I’ve missed since taking office in 1942”. She was secretary-treasurer until 1974, then treasurer until her death in 1983.

At the Thanksgiving service in 1959, the Rev. Gordon Bruton was the guest speaker. A local boy, he had served at Port Perry and St. Agnes’, Long Branch before going to All Souls’, Willowdale in 1951. He retired in1979, died the next year at age 65 and is buried in the Orono cemetery.

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