History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


In 1950 St. Saviour’s offered their church building to Park Street congregation for services, because their church had had a fire. A gift of $200, was received from the United Church in 1951. They also paid half the cost of such things as flowers for Easter Sunday.

The state of the chimney and stove pipes was a concern at this time. In 1952 it was brought out that the present stove pipes had to be renewed annually and still were a dangerous fire hazard. There was a wood stove in the Sunday School room, in the centre between the two doors. The stove pipes extended the full length of the hall, wired up to the ceiling. Sometime later an oil burner was put in the hall.

In 1950 the W.A. packed a bale and sent it to Moose Factory. It weighed 16 pounds and cost 85c to send. In the next three years several improvements were made. New drapes were bought for the parish hall; carpet had been purchased for the vestibule and the church floor had been painted by the women, when the wardens bought the paint.

There was concern about the organ at this time as well. In 1951 an organ committee consisting of Irene Murray and Mary Morris visited Heintzman’s in Toronto and priced new electric organs at between $750 and $1100. A secondhand one could be obtained for $250. The church wiring would have to be changed to accommodate a new organ and this would be an added expense. It was decided to see if the present pump organ could be cleaned and repaired. The W.A. had this done at a cost of $98.

There was a suggestion in 1951 that the church shed should be made into garages and rented instead of allowing the public to use them at will, but nothing was done and the sheds were sold by tender for $155 in 1954.

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