History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


During the general business period of the vestry meeting in 1943, Mr. Hall brought up the subject of the assurance on the church property. Mr. Hall had been informed that the assurance premium would be the same except for lightning and air raid, etc. This was left to Mr. Hall to attend to and pay the additional fee if any. The congregation sent boxes to the boys overseas in 1944.

At the vestry meeting in 1949 it was reported that the Altar Guild had been formed again and that a Junior Women’s Auxiliary started by Mrs. Wm. Mitchel was in tit’s second year. They made layettes to be sent to missions. The Sunday School had been revived, also by Mrs. Mitchell, but by 1952 the rector reported that it had to be discontinued because of a lack of children. In December of that year the W.A. played hostess to a party for what children there were.

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