History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


In January 1932 a committee was formed to investigate the matter of putting a new ceiling in the church. At a later date a vote of thanks was given to those who had helped Mr. Harry Duckworth, contractor from Toronto and regular visitor in Orono, erect the fine timbered ceiling of Tudor design. At this time the chancel was also enlarged and the screenwork removed in front.

In 1934, the Orono News reported the consecration of St. Saviour’s Church on October 28 in its 50th anniversary year:

“St. Saviour’s Church was crowded to capacity when his Grace Archbishop Derwyn Owen was present to consecrate the church.

At eight o’clock the choir of St. John’s Church, Bowmanville issued from the side door. Following the choir were the clergy and the archbishop with his handsome staff carried by the Rev. E.R. James who acted as chaplain. The churchwardens, Messrs. Isaac Allen and Ed Morton brought up the rear. Arrived at the front steps the rector, the Rev. Frank H. Mason, read the petition in the prescribed form, praying him (the archbishop ) to separate the same from all profane and common usage…. to consecrate….and set it apart forever from the worship of God”. After the singing of a hymn, the archbishop received the deed of the property from the hands of Mr. Ed Morton and placed it upon the altar where it remained for the rest of the service.

The archbishop addressed the congregation at this point. He declared that although many might consider it unusual that a church which had been in continuous use for fifty years was only now being consecrated, it was rather a culmination of the half-century of endeavour and progress, not forgetting the years of toil and sacrifice through which the church had passed. And now free of debt and completely equipped to carry on the work of the church, the consecration service was an added incentive to the continuance of God’s work.

“One does not purchase a home”, his Grace pointed out. “Material possession may be exchanged for a house only. The happenings within that house-associations, love, sacrifice, joys and sorrows-transform the structure into a home. And so it is with a church. We cannot build it: we must make it with our lives, by faithfulness and holiness for a church is not bricks and mortar but the character of those who worship within its walls.”

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