History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


In 1927 the W.A. minutes note that no delegates were able to go from Orono to the Diocesan W.A. Annual Meeting in Toronto. They asked the delegates from the Newcastle branch to come and give them a report. It is interesting to note that from 1920 to 1930 St. Saviour’s had no lay members of Synod. The parish of Clarke was represented by lay members from St. George’s, Newcastle only. Diocesan meetings at this time lasted three or four days.

At the vestry meeting of 1926, Mr. E. Morton gave a detailed account of the cost of putting a new roof on the church. The total cost was $309. Of which $200 had to be borrowed. Mr.R.H.Allen addressed the meeting in regard to the treasurer’s house having been broken into and $10.00 of church funds stolen. At the vestry meeting of 1928, it was decided to remove the trees from the front of the church and plant evergreens instead.

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