History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


The Women’s Auxiliary at St. Saviour’s was formed and organized on February 12, 1913 by Miss Laurie Jones from the General Board of the W.A. in Toronto. At the first meeting they tried in vain to persuade one of the newly-made members to stand as president. Mrs. Fenning, the rector’s wife, agreed to take it for the first year. Mrs. George Waddell agreed to act as vice-president. Miss Lily Morton was the secretary and Mrs. Williamson treasurer. Many of the men who had driven their wives to the first meeting sat down with the ladies for a “sumptuous repast”.

About a week after that first meeting in 1913, they agreed to undertake to clothe a boy in a mission school and in October they sent a bale to Teddy Yellowfly at Old Sun Boarding School, Gleichen, Alberta. It was a complete outfit from a suit which cost $7.50 to a dozen handkerchiefs which cost 68c. They made shirts and nightshirts for him and sent him two hand-made quilts. Imagine their dismay when in October, 1914 they had a letter from the school saying the bale had never been received. In 1915 they adopted a little girl, Eliza Paul, at the Mackay Mission School, Le Pas, Manitoba.

In 1914 they held a Shredded Wheat banquet, where the cereal was used for every course of the meal. The Orono News at the time carried this advertisement: “Shredded Wheat in combination with vegetables, baked apples, stewed prunes…more real bodybuilding nutriment than meat or eggs. “ $4.65 of the proceeds of the banquet was given to the Sunday School to help buy papers and $30.00 was given to the wardens to help pay for drains.

In December of 1916 the W.A. had a sale of clothing and fancy articles (bazaar and tea) raising $39.60. That same evening the Sunday School held their Christmas tree concert with treats of an orange and Christmas hard candy and creams.

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