History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


About this time the Anglican General Synod of Canada adopted a policy to put forth greater efforts to build up the church throughout the Dominion and the Rev. Allan McEvoy was appointed curate for St. Saviour’s. He began in April with a Sunday School session at 2.30 p.m. followed by church service at 3.15 sharp. At this first service, music by the choir was under the leadership of Mr. W.H. Chapman, while Miss Gertie Stewart was the organist.

In June the following notice appeared in the Orono News:

“To the young men of Orono and he neighbourhood: The Ladies of St. Saviour’s Church will be holding a Strawberry Festival at the residence of Mrs. De Groot, Cob Hill on Tuesday, June 28th. Strawberries and cream at 5p.m. Programme at 7 p.m. Ask your best girl and bring both her and her little sister. Generous servings. Kendal orchestra plus solos, duets, readings.”

Mr. McEvoy began Wednesday evening services as well. These were discontinued during the summer, but there were informal services once a month at homes on the sixth line, chiefly for people in the neighbourhood who had little opportunity of attending weekday service in town. In the fall, the weeknight services which had moved to Friday were the basis of a confirmation class.

In December of 1910 Archdeacon Warren paid his annual visit of inspection to the parish of Clarke. He reported that St. Saviour’s needed interior renovation. There was a debt of about $100, on which the interest had not been paid up. The wardens’ books were not kept to his expectations and he recommended that Orono should assume its full responsibility to the parish of Clarke. At this time St. Saviour’s paid the rector $100 a year. “This church must organize for effective work”. He wrote.
The population of Orono at the time was 500. The church population was 57, with an attendance of 30; there were “not 12 children all told”. He reported that the curate received $300 from the people and $300 plus board and lodging from the rector.

The Rev. A. McEvoy stayed at St. Saviour’s only a year before accepting a call to St. George’s Church, Toronto. The Rev. George Brewin followed him as curate at St. Saviour’s. He left in 1912, after donating a new altar which was described as “very handsome”.


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