History of St. Saviour's, Orono, Ontario


Compiled by Grace Haldenby


Orono Anglicans decided to take advantage of this circumstance and try to acquire the church building for Anglican services. On November 14, 1884 the price of $1,500 was agreed on and the sale of the church was completed. Trustees who signed were:

For Bible Christians

For Anglicans (Church of England)

George Dobson, Sr.

Robert Morton

Robert Moon

Robert Coatham

Albert Tamblyn

Daniel Hall

Jacob Cobbledick

John Stewart

Samuel B. Dobson

Francis Morgan

Thomas Keat

John Dewell

The name of the church was then changed to St. Saviour’s. The first service held there by the Anglicans was on October 5, 1884 with the Rev. A.B. Chafee in charge.

In 1893 St. Saviour’s was represented at the Toronto Diocesan Synod by Thomas McComb. He was the first lay member to do so. The following appeared in the preface to the Synod Journal of 1894, and in subsequent journals for a number of years.

“The regular collections are appointed by the Synod to be taken up as follows in every parish and mission where there is an established Sunday service:


Diocesan Mission Fund


Superannuation Fund


Divinity Students Fund


Church Extension and General Purposes Fund


Widows and Orphans Fund

Thanksgiving Day

Diocesan Mission Fund

Christmas day

Offering for the Clergyman

Diocesan Collections prescribed by Provincial Synod


Foreign Missions


Domestic Missions

Minutes show that a special meeting was held in May, 1896 to arrange the annual Strawberry Festival to be held at the residence of Mr. Frank Morgan in June. C.G. Armstrong and W. Cornish were two merchants from whom supplies were bought. Strawberries were purchased from T. McComb at 12 boxes for a dollar. Bread and cheese and ice cream were also on the menu. Profit was $31.85.

At a vestry meeting of April 11.1898, Mr. D. Hall was asked to repair the school room. Daniel Hall and his son were masons for the Orono Town Hall. On April 11,1901, “it was decided to defer payment of the balance of the debt on the church on account of the necessity of shingling the church”. The wardens, Mr. Daniel Hall and Mr. Edward Morton were on the committee instructed “to procure the best available material and work as economically as possible”. Shingles cost $58.00.

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