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For each answer to the following questions please note Bible source.

Bible Bird Words

1. Which bird did not come back when Noah sent it out of the Ark ?
2. Flocks of these fed the Israelites in the desert.
3. Those who wait on the Lord will rise up with wings like……
4. The first bird Noah sent out of the Ark.
5. Saul hunted David like one of these in the mountains.
6. Jesus said this bird would be at a scene of desolation.
7. What cost 2 pennies for 5?

PRIZE for first correct answers.

Send answers to Stan Squires.

Summer Quiz.

1. Where was Jesus born?
2. Who wrote the Ten Commandments?
3. Who was sold into slavery?
4. Name three important women in the Bible
5. Name two prophets
6. How many books are in the Old Testament?
7. What is the last book of the Bible?
8. What is the most important commandment of all?
9. What is a Magi?
10. What city did Paul travel to?

Send answers to Stan Squires.

Contest open to all children

Send answers to Stan Squires. First correct answer receives prize.


Where is this?

Cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia) is the largest moth found in N. America. Member of the Saturniidae family or giant silkmoths. Females with a wingspan of 130mm or more have been documented. Found as far west as Rocky Mountains and as far north as maritime provinces of Canada. (AND in Orono.) Can be found in open areas and in trees. Larvae are found on maple trees but have been known to feed on wild cherry and birch.

Not known what it was feeding on in Sunday school, but the Noah’s Ark reference may provide a clue to the origin.


Identify this recent visitor to St. Saviour's.


Winner of this week's contest is
the correct answer is a cecropia moth.