Library - Christian Fiction

These authors have been recommended. If you have any other to add please contact the Wardens.

Thank you and enjoy....

Randy Alcorn
June Masters Bacher
Faith Baldwin
Carrie Bender
Lisa Tawn Bergren
Terri Blackstock
Stephen Bly
Mary Borntrager
Joan Brady
Sigmund Brouwer
T. davis Bunn
Catherine cookson
Donna Fletcher Crow
Ted Dekker
Joseph Girzone
Elizabeth Goudge
Patricia Hickman
Grace Livinsgtone Hill
Marjorie Holmes
Randall S. Ingermanson

Jan Karon
M.M. KayeAl Lacy
Beverly Lewis
George MacDonald
Catherine Marshall
Paul Meier
Gilbert Morris
Lynn Morris
Janette Oke
Catherine Palmer
Gary Parker
Jane Peart
Judith Pella
Frank Peretti
Tracie Peterson
Michael R. Phillips
Belva Plain
Eugenia Price
Francine Rivers
Lauraine Snelling
Helen Van Slyke
Bodie Thoene
Lori Wick