St Saviour's Benefactors

Since our last celebration in 1983 and the building of the
John Breen Hall in 1984, we note the contibutions of many:

Servers since 1983:

Geri Bailey, Afrika Nieves Bentley, Daniel Canning,
Alanna Crouse, Blair Crouse, Cailey Crouse, Elizabeth Dewell,
Patrick Dewell, Alex Hart, Brittni Hart, Lisa Johnson, Erin Laking,
Erin McDonald, Julie Miller, Luke Molica, Shelley Molica,
Hayley Muelenbroeks, Skylar Muelenbroeks, Kendall Riggers,
Sandy Riggers, Jamie Shetler, Alec Stirbisky, Danielle Stirbisky,
Gill Wood

The old Church Hall built by the Bible Christians in 1845
and was the first Church in Orono. This was replaced by
the John Breen Hall in 1984.

Gifts since 1983:

Altar Cross - Mrs J Fenning
Vases - June and Steve Johnson
Hymn Books, Candle Followers, Prayer Desk Pulpit, Altar Lines, in Memory of the 3Ms - by the Congregation
Prayer Desk - Doris Prust
Lavabo Bowl and Pitcher - Charles and Dorothy Hester
Pulpit Light - Charles and Gloria Gray
Processional Cross - Judy, Gord, Mel and Gayle Leek
Sanctuary Lamp - Phyllis and Doug Dewell
Books of Alternative Services - Sandra Anderson, Christine Johnson, Leanne Johnson,
Adele and Bob Nicholls, Betty Ann Wood
Stained Glass Windows - Memorials for Muriel Coates, Olive Ona Miller Foundation, George Day, David Watkins
Literature Easels (2) - Orville Chatterton, Bob Nicholls
Memorial Wreath - Plaques placed in memory (various)
Large Print Common Prayer and Common Praise Memorial Donations - for Doris Day and Bob Morton
Church Sign - Charles, Gloria Gray and family
Audio Speaker System - Memorial donation Inez Harris